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Who is Aislebethere?

Iain Wardhaugh

I am experienced, compassionate and enjoy creating a space where couples from any background, religious or not, can feel safe and comfortable in expressing their individuality.

My Services:

Formal, Casual, Same Sex and Traditional Weddings

This service is available for anyone who prefers a small-scale private ceremony or grand and large-scale event.

Naming Ceremonies

I also perform naming ceremonies! Speak to me about your unique requirements.

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If you are looking for a marriage official, then look no further than Iain Wardhaugh. He made the process easy and seamless from the very first engagement, and everything was clear and well-explained. The actual wedding ceremony was beautiful and his wording of it exceeded any expectations we had. It was so meaningful; it was almost like he had known us for years and had written it for us. He was professional, engaging, and friendly. Many of our guests commented on how enjoyable his demeanour was. The administration process to register our marriage was super-efficient and the marriage certificate was ready to be collected at Home Affairs before we even returned from our honeymoon. Thank you, Iain. You played a big part in making our day so special and I am sure that many future weddings will be better off with you there.

Zhon Done

Iain managed to combine the traditional with the modern, humour with seriousness and conducted our wedding ceremony in such a way that everyone has commented on the beauty of his words. Moving away from traditional Christian vows was going to be a challenge and Iain addressed this perfectly. Calling out the four elements of wind, fire, water and earth and aligning them with the love expressed through a marriage was the most beautiful way of joining my husband and I in this ceremony.

Christine Rose

Being non-denominational and more of a spiritualist myself I was rather unsure as to what Iain would actually say at this non traditional wedding, especially as we had planned our wedding within a really tight timeframe and not had much time to chat with him. Iain went on to hold the space for our ceremony with such warmth and presence, and gave the most beautiful, poetic and resonant reading to unite us as man & wife. Thank you Iain for also being so prompt and getting the whole process sorted after the wedding - especially handling home affairs after they muddled my name on the paperwork. So grateful to have had you officiating for us on our big day!

Lauren & Peter



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